Firearms Auctions

Offering Simplicity and Reach

Baer Auctioneers has multiple firearms auctions throughout the year selling 2000+ firearms for a multitude of consignors to a worldwide marketplace.  These auctions also offer scopes, knives, bayonets, military artifacts, ammunition and a variety of sporting goods.

  •  Selling your firearms with Baer Auctioneers is fast and easy and can be done in three steps.

    1. Call the office 330-227-3236 Option 3 or email to setup an appointment.
    2. Bring your firearms to our secure facility and sign the appropriate contracts.  We offer pick up services on a case by case basis.
    3. Watch them sell and cash your check.
  • Selling your firearms at auction is the #1 method to receive the top dollar for your firearms and related items. With several auctions throughout the year Baer Auctioneers is able to handle any amount of firearms at any time.  

    • WE offer online bidding with a global presence – will work with exporters.
    • WE are fully licensed by the BATF and are FFL license holders.
    • WE do all shipping and transfers to buyers to ensure a paper trail out of your name.
    • WE take in consignments at all times to fit your schedule.
    • We offer pick up services on a case by case basis.
    • WE research, write descriptions and take pictures for top marketing results.
    • WE operate a temperature controlled, double alarmed and insured facility for storage.
    • WE have an indoor heated auction gallery.
    • WE offer appraisal services for insurance and estates. (call for pricing)
    • YOU get the money!
  • We offer all of our firearms in Live simulcast auctions with online bidding available via  We hold the auctions in our auction gallery located in Rogers, OH.  This allows bidders both near and far to take advantage of the great firearms we offer.

    • We sell to buyers all over the world – all are welcome:
      • Ohio buyers – Must have a valid photo ID and the ability to pass the NICS FBI background check.  The check is ran in the office and in most cases firearms are able to be transferred the day of auction.
      • Out of State Buyers – If you are from outside of Ohio you can still buy firearms.
        • Long guns (i.e. rifles and shotguns) – When buying long guns  the  NICS FBI background check can be done at our office and the firearms can be transferred to you (pending the check being declared a “proceed”)
        • Handguns – When buying handguns the firearms will need to be transferred to a dealer in your state and may incur shipping charges.
      • International Buyers – Yes we will sell firearms to international buyers. Below are listed two export companies that we work with to export your purchases.  Please inquire as to their fees and process.  You are still subject to all of Baer Auctioneers terms and conditions. Buyers must be sure that they can own the firearms they are buying in the Country which they live.
      • Online buyers – All online buyers must register via with a valid credit card and agree to the terms and conditions.  After the auction the winning bidders must supply Baer Auctioneers with an FFL license from their local firearms dealer for the transfer of all firearm purchases.
    • Buyers coming to a live event must have a valid photo ID to register and buy.  
    • To buy long guns you must be 18 or older and to buy handguns you must be 21 or older

Upcoming Firearm Auctions

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